The Submission & Voting Sheets

The same sheets are used in every PJSC round, so the links can be found here

PJSC Submission Sheet

PJSC Voting Sheet

  • the voting sheet will appear with the previous rounds songs until @imaduck updates with a list of the songs. So be sure to send him a list. It doesn't matter if the new round rounds a day or two without a voting link.

General Hosting Info

The easiest way to host is via imaduck's automatic hosting sheet, when you're scheduled to host please let him know and he'll send you a sheet. The automatic hosting sheet will basically take care of itself. Ducky will stick around until the voting opens just to make sure the sheet is set up right - after that you have a choice whether to take full control yourself (recommended for those who've used the sheet before or are confident spreadsheet enthusiasts) otherwise imaduck can hang around in the background and drop in if needed

Veto Sheet

You need to also copy the entries across to the veto sheet that ducky or another panel member should have sent you pre-contest. There will be (or someone will eventually create) a tab for the contest you're hosting, you'll be a panel member in your contest.

Make sure to give ducky a gmail address so he can add you to the sheet

Veto Announcement

When it comes to veto announcements in the thread, don't announce things that get vetoed due to ineligibility (artist already entered, previously entered) Only announce songs which are vetoed due to their impact or chart positions etc.
Does that make sense? I'm hoping it does.
Basically anything that would pass veto in a different month is not announced, when in doubt, ask the panel!

Automatic Hosting Sheet Information

The sheet several tabs which make it work, here is the info about each bit.

Here Be Bears

This is the first sheet that will come into play.

Here people will submit their entries.

This sheet is for RAW data from the form, you shouldn't need to edit any of this (unless of course there are spelling mistakes or link mistakes that aren't fixed by the submitter, editing any data here will carry through to ALL other sheets, so be careful!)

If you're going to sort alphabetically, here is the sheet you want to do that in. Please use the filter function and make sure you don't sort the headers into the list as well because that will duck everything else up.

If you want to delete an entrant (withdrawel or test or double submission etc) just take out the whole row to avoid any formula errors


This is the second sheet that you will probably need.

It contains the list of who submitted what - directly copied from "Here Be Bears" so don't edit anything here!

The bit here that you'll need is in column K and Column O

K is the list of songs, all linked to their respective youtubes/spotifies/soundclouds/etc that you will post when voting opens

O is the list of who submitted what, which is used before you start the reveal itself.

Here Be Snakes

This tab won't appear until the voting opens

This is the THIRD sheet you'll want to pay attention to, this is the raw data from the voting form.

As users submit their votes the sheet will automatically make extra columns for them, so don't add any manually under any circumstance, it will break the sheet.

Advanced Here Be Snakes Info (re-read this once you've closed voting, because it might make more sense then once all the data is in)

The sheet can also be used to mix and spice up results, you can drag results rows around here to set up the drama (mawma).

Another important thing to do here is delete any 0's that people have used (0's are generally used when someone edits votes and need to be removed manually from the snakes tab, they throw the average checker off, so if you notice an average is wrong in scoreboards it might be 0 related)

A final thing you can do here is change someone's votes manually, this will generally be necessary when a voter has inputted their own votes wrong, and then ignored your PMs asking them to take a second look (usually an ericcc or someone else hell bent on watching the world ban) all you need to do for this is find that users votes, scroll across to their hand-written votes and then work out what they've done wrong (it can be handy to shrink the columns down here, they are huge by default and sometimes ducky forgets to shrink them for you). It's yet to happen but if someone both ignores your PMs about their votes and then also doesn't write their own scores up (there are a few repeat offenders for this one) their scores will be null and void and their column must be deleted if they fail to edit before the user list is revealed


Welcome to the scoreboard, this processes the raw data from 'Here Be Snakes' and is the next sheet you'll want to have a poke at, it takes care of itself, their is a running total at the bottom you can keep an eye on, the most important thing to do here is keep an eye on the running averages (they show up as 5.8 and in green when they are correct) look out for incorrect averages and once you've checked to see if there are any 0's you need to delete (see Here be snakes advanced) PM the user to recheck their votes.


Right - this one is important, this is your main hosting sheet.

This will be used for the scoreboards when you're hosting, you just need to copy and paste the two columns you require (e.g. if you reveal voting set 1 and 2 you want to copy and paste table 2 which has the running totals up to voter 2)

You need to sort Z to A on the table every time before you copy and paste a table, this will put the highest scorers at the top and the lowest at the bottom.

Here Be Dragons

This is where the magic happens, the formula here basically runs everything else. in theory I should sort it out so you don't have to worry.

But if the calculations are incorrect, it's because the formula here has gone wrong. Best to stay away, Dragons are dangerous, give ducky a PM if something looks amiss.

Example Sheets

Completed PJSC 80 Board

Viewable Copy Of Hosting Sheet Pre-Contest
*this one won't be very interesting unless you're checking if you've accidentally edited formula or you're just an spreadsheet enthusiast.

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